Training the Energizer Bunny

Enough of fripperies, It’s time to start talking about the running.  Currently I’m In the base-building phase of my training cycle for Big Sur. I’m loosely following Jack Daniels’ Marathon Plan A, which served me well for CIM. At the moment he has me doing 7-day weeks of 30 minutes at easy pace. Actually I’ve eased up to 45-50 minutes. He says it’s OK to increase it if you already have a good base.
I’ve also thrown in some longer runs and a 10K race, because, well why not?
I thought at first that running with no rest days would be stressful, but it’s starting to seem that 5 miles at easy pace with no strides IS a rest day.

On days where I have trouble staying in the neighborhood of easy  pace (9:00-9:15), it’s time to do some strides. I won’t be doing intervals until the next phase. Today was a slow day, because I did 12 miles on Saturday, and 11 miles on Sunday.  The difference between “Perceived Easy” and “Measured Easy” provides feedback on how drained I’m getting.  So: 52 miles in the last 7 days, not bad for phase 1. Wonder how high I’ll go this cycle?

When we were training for the S. F. marathon, Joe dubbed me the ‘Energizer Bunny” because I would hang back a bit in the early miles of long runs, then just keep going in the later stages. Nowadays I leave out the hanging back part. In both marathons I’ve done so far, there was no real “wall” to push through.
So is this endurance an innate quality, or the product of training?  A bit of both, I think. I do more miles than most of my friends, because I like doing miles. My endurance started out little bit better than average then became a whole lot better, so I do even more miles…  It re-enforces itself.
That’s all for today.


1 Response to “Training the Energizer Bunny”

  1. 1 Flo January 6, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    Fripperies: yes, you are a Brit. 🙂 So you’re crossed over to 7 days, good to hear that it seems natural. As for your endurance, it sounds like it’s a natural talent, but you’re feeding it very well with the mileage and solid training. Can’t wait to see where you peak this go ’round.

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