Going to meet the Kaiser

The Kaiser Permanente Half is on Sunday in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.. Here’s a look at my thought processes going into this event.

This is my first time running this race, so I’ve been researching it a bit. There is a single start, with pace signs to indicate where runners and walkers should line up. Some runners complained that they found themselves behind walkers who seemed to be unaware that 5:00 was an unlikely walking pace! There are chips this year for the first time, which should help.

Now for the matter of pace. Here’s the elevation profile, courtesy of MapMyRun.com. They make it look a lot steeper than it is!


Could be a fast one. That 2 mile downhill should be worth at least a minute. Wind might be a problem for the next 5 miles. It seems reasonable to predict this race from my CIM result, which was 3:26:49. The equivalent performance for a half would be 1:38:04 (McMillan), which would be a really nice PR. The pace for that is close to 7:30.

I like simple pace figures. My goal for CIM, 3:30:00, was approximately 8:00 pace, and I was able to carry those splits in my head. 7:30 is another neat one, being exactly 1/8 of an hour. The first 8 splits will be: 7:30, 15:00, 22:30, 30:00, 37:30, 45:00, 52:30, 1:00:00, then it repeats with the hour added on. Even my mathematically challenged running brain can remember that sequence. This is shaping up!

All this attention to times is because I race Garmin-less. Apart from considerations of reliability and accuracy (There’s a lot of tree cover on this course), I like to keep things simple, so I can focus on the running. My Timex shows lap and elapsed times, with numbers large enough for my unassisted eyes. That’ll do.

The finish is hidden around a corner so I should probably start kicking near the top of the final hill. I’ll watch for landmarks on the way out, since that section is an out-and-back. Hopefully the finish line will be quite visible in it’s turnoff as I go by.


3 Responses to “Going to meet the Kaiser”

  1. 1 Christi January 30, 2009 at 7:15 am

    Good Luck Jim!!!!!!!!!

  2. 3 spaulukonis January 30, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    It’s gonna be great!

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