Green Bib

I’m racing tomorrow. The Emerald Nuts Across the Bay is a 12K from Sausalito to San Francisco across the Golden Gate. The MapMyRun computer seems to assume we’ll be running along the seabed – note the -50 on the height scale below, but we will cheat slightly by taking the bridge, which I have marked with an orange line.  I ran this race last year, in 1:00:20, so I can’t let that stand. It was also the last race prior to my gait adjustments, so another reason to do it again. I like running the bridge, not so much because of the view, but because the arched span creates an exhilarating mile of gradual acceleration, followed by a steep downhill – wheee!emerald_profile3

It’s a net downhill, but there is a steep 200ft uphill to get to the bridge. At least I remember it as nasty, but perhaps it will seem different now. Quite a few hills have passed beneath my shoes since then.

There are three waves at the start, and we submitted recent 10K times for wave assignments. My bib arrived this week and it is green, so I’m in the first wave. Recognition at last 🙂

Last year I was in the second wave, and was warned about congestion on the bridge, so I attacked that hill hard. This worked, putting me well ahead of the second wave crowd, but I suffered for it later in the race. I’ll be a little more conservative this time.

In our group run today I ran a measly 4 miles or so, feeling like a proper layabout. Felow marathoners Joe, Kati and Ashley, who are not racing tomorrow, set out for a long run on the bay trail. On my return leg, a stiff headwind slowed me down. I thought about them pushing back against that wind for six miles or so. My turn will come.


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  1. 1 Flo March 15, 2009 at 5:10 am

    GOOD LUCK JIMBO!!!!! First wave – uber cool. Bet the bridge approach will be a piece of cake compared to last year, considering all you’re improved upon since then. May the wind be at your back and find you flying today. Go get ’em!

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5K20:43 (LMJS 6/28/09
12K54:36 (Across Bay 3/21/10)
15K1:09:51 (LMJS 19/27/09)
Half1:31:28 (Kaiser 2012
Marathon 3;13:14 (CIM '11)


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