Sunny Sunday

This morning I was a volunteer at a prediction race at the LMJS, the “Time is on your side race”. That gave me a good excuse not to run it, since I’m terrible at prediction racing. The winner of the 10K event, Dan, revised his estimate downwards by a minute at the urging of Loraine, his wife. He then proceeded to run within one second of that time. Well done Dan!

Incidentally, volunteering is fun for it’s own sake, not just a someone’s-gotta-do-it chore. It has all the fun of a race without the sweat and bother of actually running. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but not by much.

Having thus occupied my morning, the sweat and bother was shifted to the afternoon. Hudson called for a 16-mile progression. That’s a fungible term, but today it meant “Last 20 minutes hard”. I somehow mis-read that as 30 minutes. Psychologists might raise an eyebrow on learning that I usually make these errors in an upwards direction.  The route I took was also a mile over length. Oh well.

It was sunny, windy, and fun. The kite sailors were zipping across the bay at speed, and there were plenty of people out enjoying the day. Most of my run consisted of two laps around Bay Farm island. I pushed it for the last four miles, ending up a little faster than marathon pace. All hay in the barn, as they say.


1 Response to “Sunny Sunday”

  1. 1 Loraine McVey August 26, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    moral of the race prediction – get someone else to do it! It was a gut instinct thing based on the thinking ‘On a good day I could do X, and I think you’re a bit faster so I predict X’. That’s as fancy as it gets for maths for me.

    Just learned new word from your blog: ‘fungible’.

    Next time you do a half marathon, it’s going to seem a doddle.

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5K20:43 (LMJS 6/28/09
12K54:36 (Across Bay 3/21/10)
15K1:09:51 (LMJS 19/27/09)
Half1:31:28 (Kaiser 2012
Marathon 3;13:14 (CIM '11)


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