Tilden Tough Ten 2011

Tilden Tough Ten 2011
I was not sure what to expect coming into this race, since I had taken a two week break, followed by a ramp up to quite high mileage in the previous weeks. This had not been long enough to build much of a base, so a course PR over last year’s 80 minutes might be difficult. Still, it would give me something to roughly gauge my current fitness.
Conditions were cool with some wind and intermittent rain, but fortunately it was not raining as we got ready for the start. With 300 runners on a not-very-wide paved trail, the sub-8:00 pace runners stepped up to the start first, followed by the rest. I found myself near the front with Christine and Debra, two masters runners who are fast on the trails(pretty good on the roads too). We needed to make up time on the paved section because the trail would be muddy and slow. Mile 1 was mostly downhill and took 7:01. One of the bends revealed a glorious view across the Bay. It looked to be raining quite hard over by Sausalito and the Golden Gate, so we could likely be expecting to be getting wet soon.
Mile 2: 7:29, more the sort of average we would need. I was still in close company with D. and C, feeling comfortable so far.
Mile 3: 7:27, some wind here on the more exposed areas, the rain was only an occasional sprinkling.
Mile 4: 7:49, A big down, then uphill in this mile, with a strong headwind and heavy rain. I’m surprised I ran it as fast as I did. Too fast perhaps. Debra was a short way ahead, Christine just behind.
Mile 5: 8:23. The muddy trail. The downhills were sufficiently steep and muddy to require slowing down. I passed Debra at this point while running on the grass for better traction. There were some cows on the trail coming towards us, one at a run. There was enough room to pass by them, fortunately.
Mile 6: 10:40. The uphill return. I walked the two steep uphills like most other people. We encountered the cows again, this time going in the same direction, two of them were running but they left the trail when it widened out. They mooed at us as we went by.
Mile 7: 7:49. Back on the pavement, I felt a little done in and should have run this mile faster. Debra came by on the downhill, and Christine soon after. At the moment things looked to be on track to equal or beat last year’s time, but the wind was picking up and mostly ahead, so the rest of the return leg was going to be hard work.
Mile 8: 8:25. Lots of uphill into the wind here.
Mile 9: 7:46. More sheltered and pushing hard. I passed Christine again on the steep uphill at the end of this mile. Debra seemed to be too far ahead to catch. I was passing a few other people though.
Mile 10: 7:43. Gently uphill, but well sheltered from the wind here. I closed on Debra a bit, but did not catch her. 1:20:49 finish (chip time). So A little slower than last year’s 1:20:00 but satisfactory. The difference was mostly the wind, I think. The performance slump of Kaiser and Napa seems to be over, and it’s time for some more aerobic building.


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  1. 1 Ewen May 28, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    All good Jim. You weren’t far off last year’s time.

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