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Alameda 4th July 5K 2012

Although this flat course presented an opportunity for a fast time, I was more focused on starting my marathon cycle for New York, so did not taper for it. I even did a track workout the previous evening, if not a very strenuous one. Four repeats of two minutes on, three off. I’ll have to remember that one, in light of what happened in the race.

I jogged the half mile to the start area and registered. Various familiar faces showed up – Suzette, Debra, Karen, and Larry, who is just coming back to racing after some time off with tendon problems. Welcome back.
After warming up I joined the throng in the start area. There seemed to be a good number of runners (463 according to the results), so it’s a pity that they currently have just three age groups: sub-18, 18-40 and Masters, which oddly start at 41. Oh well.

I was about three rows back from the line, which worked out pretty well. Across the line in a couple of seconds, I concentrated on not going too fast. Remember that you’re running 5K, This is not a 400 meter track interval. I glanced at the Garmin. Too fast, but not by much. adjust. This is surprisingly comfortable for a 5K, I’m usually gasping a bit at this point until I get adjusted. I ease past some school kids who had burned off their initial exuberance and were settling in for the long haul.

And so it went. I was easing past people for most of the way. I think I check the pace jus once more, in mile 2, to guard against slacking off. There was a gap in front as I got within sight of the line, and also a gap behind (I checked), but some young guy covered it and blew by me just before the line. I did not mind that. Hey, he’s decades younger than me and really should have paced his race better.

20:34 was the official time, beating my previous best by 6 seconds. Chipping away at it. I would like to get below 20 minutes one of these days, but it might take some work. Larry was well under 20, so he’s back. Suzette got 3rd in the womens Masters.


Race PRs

5K20:43 (LMJS 6/28/09
12K54:36 (Across Bay 3/21/10)
15K1:09:51 (LMJS 19/27/09)
Half1:31:28 (Kaiser 2012
Marathon 3;13:14 (CIM '11)


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